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Save Time, Money and Effort with Solar Holiday Decorations

What’s better than whimsical, eye-catching Christmas decorations? How about Christmas decorations that don’t pad your energy bill, put undue strain on the environment or require a whole bunch of maintenance? Solar Christmas decorations are the perfect way to make your home light up during the best season of the year because they run efficiently — since they run on the sun, they require no power from the electrical grid — and don’t need any elaborate wiring or electrical configurations, allowing for installation anywhere. We offer plenty of high-quality, outdoor solar Christmas decorations that can totally replace your plug-in styles this year.

We have everything you need to bring on the dazzle this season the solar way, including solar-powered tree lights, figurines, Christmas pathway lights, wall decorations, garden lights, hanging accents and much, much more. Besides the fact that they automatically run on the sun, these holiday favorites have another thing in common: they’re dripping with festive, seasonal cheer! Tie together any theme with solar decorations featuring cardinals, poinsettias, Santas and big, red bows. Whether it’s a larger-than-life solar Father Christmas or a set of solar Christmas trees to flank the entryway, you’ll find something here to match your holiday vision!

Using Solar Décor in Less Sunny Locales

But what about those of us who live in snowy and cloudy locations? Can solar powered decorations completely replace traditional holiday lights and accents? Why yes! Even on cloudy and overcast days, solar panels are able to absorb enough energy from the sun to power their rechargeable batteries. In other words, your solar Christmas swag or wreath will still glow in dazzling green and red, even if it’s been a real white Christmas. Our solar holiday décor is the perfect way to affordably welcome St. Nick in the front yard, porch, patio or garden this season.

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