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Nothing compromises a beautiful landscape and an enjoyable entertaining space quite like pesky rodents and insects. Though they can be cute, they can also be detrimental to the spaces where we spend our time. To ensure that you get the most out of your downtime, and are able to share it with family and friends, we’ve put together a plethora of effective and humane pest deterrents so no critter takes over your special space.

We can help you find the right outdoor rodent repellent for your particular invasion, whether it be gophers, chipmunks, mosquitoes, ticks or anything else who bugs you, your pets or your plants. Try solar-powered mosquito repellents or keep out pesky garden-munchers with animal deterring garden stakes that double as décor. You’ll also discover unique indoor pest control solutions here, including innovative mouse control options, to keep your home inhospitable to uninvited interlopers.

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