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Transform your yard or garden into a relaxing retreat with wind chimes and tree mobiles from Collections Etc. These artistic designs add a charming touch to your outdoor space and make it even more enjoyable to spend time soaking up the fresh air. You’ll love that there are so many different designs from which to choose, whether you want something that’s fun and quirky, modern and sleek or timeless and traditional. We specialize in unique and exclusive products, so keep an eye out for new takes on classics, such as solar wind chimes that will light up the night after dark.

Charming Chimes

The gentle dance and audible delights of porch chimes make these garden accents some of the most inviting and mesmerizing outdoor decorations. Even if you have a small apartment, adding wind chimes outside on a patio or balcony can make it feel so much homier and more relaxing. For larger homes, you may even want a few sets of wind chimes so you can enjoy their peaceful tones no matter where you are inside or outside the house. With plenty of gorgeous designs, including classic bell wind chimes and cheerful seasonal wind chimes, you’re sure to find something that suits your home’s ambiance in our collection. Add a few tree mobiles as well to put a personal stamp on your outdoor space.

Thoughtful Gifts for Friends & Family

If your loved ones enjoy spending time outside, a wind chime makes a charming gift. These special accents will remind your loved one of how thoughtful your present was every time the wind blows. Choose pretty pieces like butterfly wind chimes or a cute tree decoration to give as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or Christmas. For these and other affordable gift ideas, explore the endless ideas at Collections Etc.

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