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Many gardeners have a love-hate relationship with watering. On one hand, it’s required for a lush landscape and healthy, thriving plants. On the other hand, it’s time-consuming and sometimes wasteful. What’s more, finding that perfect balance between watering too much and watering too little can drive even the most experienced green thumbs mad. Collections Etc. has an assortment of innovative watering, irrigation and sprinkler options that help address your most pressing watering-related concerns.

Our treasure trove of lawn irrigation supplies and garden watering accessories is jam-packed with items that help you water like a professional landscaper without a huge spend or much effort. From high-tech garden sprayers and heavy-duty hoses to products that help divert rain and collect rainwater, these game-changing solutions save you time so you can focus on other gardening tasks. In addition to sensible gardening tools, we also have some clever solutions that double as decorations and make wonderful gifts for gardeners.

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