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The perfect gift for the lover of sunshine, hanging suncatchers are made to mesmerize, transfix and inspire you as you gaze out the window. Typically, suncatchers are made of colored glass or another material that glows beautifully when placed in light, highlighting a unique image, phrase or design. Because they come in so many differing themes, sentiments and motifs, suncatchers are a popular present for any recipient.

Collections Etc. has an eclectic assortment of bright, eye-catching suncatchers to celebrate every season. From Christmas suncatchers featuring all your favorite winter motifs to springtime styles done from top to bottom with colorful flowers and fluttering butterflies, there’s a style here that helps encapsulate many feelings. We also have uplifting and religious suncatchers with special phrases that are sure to inspire and delight any viewer.

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